Mathematics Career Options

Upper-division class sizes at Mount Mercy are small, with most classes having fewer than 12 students. This allows you to work closely with your professor and fellow students to gain the most from your education and develop vital teamwork skills. Additionally, our curriculum offers the flexibility to pursue your education in the way that best matches your career and educational goals.

A student sits at her desk and listens to the lecture

Recently, a Mount Mercy graduate interned at Humana to see if she liked actuarial science. Most of our students have completed internships in other fields, in which they also took majors.

Mathematics is a requirement for a variety of fields, including actuarial science (putting a price tag on risk), operations research, statistics, and quality control. In addition, mathematics emphasizes logic and precise communication, providing a good accessory background for students in areas like medicine.

Mathematics is also one of the best pre-law majors. It can lead to careers in advanced engineering, computer science, industrial resource analysis, statistics or teaching.

To learn about related career possibilities and salaries, visit Bureau of Labor Statistics. Graduates from Mount Mercy are now working in:

  • Accounting
  • The armed forces
  • Computer programming
  • Computer networking
  • Insurance
  • College and high school teaching