Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Core Courses: 15 semester hours

CJ510: Administration of Justice
CJ515: Theories of Crime and Justice
CJ520: Statistics for Decision Making
CJ550: Research Methods for Criminal Justice
CJ650: Criminal Justice Graduate Capstone

Electives: (18 semester hours)
Students may take up to 3 courses from the MBA, MSL, and/or MFT program.

CJ605: Community Partnerships for Public Safety
CJ610: Human Rights and Social Inequities
CJ615: Civil Liability in Criminal Justice
CJ620: International Policing
CJ625: Homeland Security; Criminal Justice and Security Relationships
CJ630: Special Needs and Treatment in Criminal Justice
CJ635: Victimology
CJ640: Decision making and Leadership in Criminal Justice
CJ645: Special Topics in Crime and Justice
BA 500 Legal Environment of Business
BA 515 Business Ethics
BN 500 Organizational Effectiveness
BN 600 Strategic Human Resource Management
BN 610 Management Science
BN 630 Methods of Quality Management
BN 640 System Theory and Organizational Design Methodology
MF 503 Family Systems
MF 524 Human Development and the Family
MF 545 Microcounseling
MF 550 Human Sexuality
MF 602 The Cross-Cultural Family
MF 603 Neuroscience for Marriage and Family Therapy
MF 626 Psychopathology and the family
MF 655 Spirituality and the Family
MF 671 Therapeutic Techniques with Parents and Children