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Job Possibilities

The management degree prepares students for careers in almost any type of organization. Our alumni work in many diverse fields. Common fields include:

  • Department managers in large and small firms
  • Logistics and planning coordinators
  • Procurement analysts
  • Store managers
  • Transportation and delivery coordinators
  • Financial planners
  • Project leaders
  • Recruiting coordinators
  • Office managers

Some management majors have started their careers locally in such companies as GreatAmerica Leasing, Tranamerica, Collins Aerospace, Orchestra Iowa, Boy Scouts, ImOn, Go Daddy, HyVee, Catherine’s, General Mills and many more. We have alumni all over the country at Aflack, Pearson, and Kraft to just name a few.

Jenn (Jevne) Sullivan ’96

“About five years ago while my family still lived in a Twin Cities suburb, I started putting things together for Beyond the Bar Bakery (a dream I had always had). Then, when we moved back to my hometown of Decorah, Iowa, everything finally fell into place and I got a storefront!

Running a small business involves so many things. From the initial set-up and figuring out what the business is going to look like, to figuring out what to sell and for how much—and then once open, all the things that go with day-to-day operations. Marketing the business, customer service, community relations—there are so many aspects.

I use what I learned at Mount Mercy every day.”

Jenn (Jevne) Sullivan ’96 | BBA Management/Marketing

Beyond the Bar Bakery, LLC | Decorah, IA

College of Distinction