M2AP Board

The mission of the Mount Mercy Activities Programming (M2AP) Board is to organize and implement activities and programs that encompass areas such as education, cultural diversity, entertainment, health and social interaction. M2AP Board sponsors many exciting programs including Bingo, movie nights, hypnotists, mentalists, talent shows, dances, and crafts. M2AP Board is a student-led and student-focused group.

New members are always welcome.

Co-Chairs: Beverly Ambrosy, bambrosy0530@mustangs.mtmercy.edu
                 Emily Mitchell, emitchell9107@mustangs.mtmercy.edu
Treasurer: Marisa Kaufman, mkaufman2983@mustangs.mtmercy.edu
Secretary: Monica Steffen, msteffen1497@mustangs.mtmercy.edu
Marketing Manager: McKenna Cline, emitchell9107@mustangs.mtmercy.edu
Advisor: Brenda Steinke, bsteinke@mtmercy.edu
Meetings: Every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m.