LC Resident Assistants

Meet the 2014-15 Resident Assistants for the Learning Communities!

Students living on campus will have a designated resident assistant (RA) for their living area. Resident Assistants help smooth new students’ transition to college life at MMU. RAs are responsible for creating an inclusive community, enforcing University policies, and maintaining a safe and healthy living and learning environment for students.

Applications for the Resident Assistant position become available in the Spring semester of each academic year.


Abbey Kilburg
Major: Health Administration and Human Resource Management
LC: Academic Honors


Jacob Stewart
Major: Political and Social Science Education
LC: Career Pathways


Kayla Ruff
Major: Elementary Education
LC: Career Pathways


Kennedi Buser
Major: Biology
LC: Cultures and Society


Deanna Knustrom
Major: Nursing
LC: Mercy Engagement

Briana Moore
Major: Criminal Justice
LC: Mustang Character


Fergus O'Connor
Major: Criminal Justice
LC: Mustang Character


Breanna Fecht
Major: Medical Laboratory Science
LC: Wellness