Learning Communities

The LC program offers students a supportive environment for their academic programs, direct faculty connections and mentoring, early exposure to real-world opportunities, and alumni connections in their field of study.

Additionally, the LC program focuses on ensuring that students meet others with similar interests, form lasting friendships, create a sense of ownership for their community, forge connections across the campus, and participate in programs that develop skills and broaden experiences.

Career Pathways

Network with other students, faculty/staff, alumni, and the business community in an effort to explore your potential career paths. Participate in career exploration assessments to learn more about your individual skills and strategize ways you could put those to work in future careers. Benefit from MMU Career Services guidance to maximize your ability to communicate superbly in interviews, and win others over with your poise and presence. Achieve your future focus through deliberate and well-ordered planning.

Our path: Maximize Your Future, Today.

Mercy Engagement

Develop profound positive bonds with other students, while cultivating an appreciation of the inter-connectedness of life. Discover, examine, and reflect on what a life of gratitude, spirit of hospitality, pursuit of truth, and focus on social justice means for you. Utilize your beliefs and values to consistently implement what the Spirit of Mercy means to you in your daily life. Take charge, speak up, and make sure that the critical concerns of the world are addressed.

Our mantra: Our Name is Mercy, Our Spirit is Compassion.

Mustang Wellness

Join a community focused on supporting you to achieve your healthy living goals. Connect and build relationships with other students, faculty/staff, and the Blue Zones Project members in Cedar Rapids developing their own holistic wellness. Learn new strategies for improving your own personal wellness for life. Connect your active lifestyle environment to the others facets of college life to get more accomplished. Utilize your healthy living knowledge and practices to improve the overall wellness of the Mount Mercy Mustang Community.

Our purpose: The Best Possible Version of You.