Mount Mercy English majors publish early and often.

Our students' creative writing appears in Paha Review, and their journalism, in Mount Mercy Times.

Here they publish their finest literary criticism.

The four essays below were written for a range of Mount Mercy English courses. The first was written for EN325 Seminar in English, a senior capstone course in which students explore a literary topic of their own choosing. The second essay was written in an upper-level course, EN303 Multicultural American Novel. The last two essays were both written for EN215 Major English Writers, a survey course that prepares students for more focused work in British literature: period courses such as Contemporary or Victorian, author courses such as Chaucer or Shakespeare, and theme-based courses such as Law and Literature or South Asian Literature.

I Didn't Choose the Drug Life, The Drug Life Chose Me: An Analysis of Addiction as a Disease in Lynn Breedlove's Godspeed

By Catheryn E. Recker

A senior thesis usually opens with a literature review: a discussion of what others have said about the topic. In the first seven pages of Catey Recker’s 39-page senior thesis, she works toward her own argument by first exploring other critics’ ideas about drug addiction and Lynn Breedlove’s recent novel, Godspeed.

Less than Human, Less than Animal: A Study of Animal Comparisons in Toni Morrison's Beloved

By Matt Howell

Senior Matt Howell analyzes animal imagery and slavery in Toni Morrison’s Beloved. Matt also presented a version of this essay at Mount Mercy’s annual Scholarship Festival.

Impoverished Children and Childhood: The Complexities of Swift and Blake

By Abbey Konzen

Junior Abbey Konzen explores representations of childhood in Jonathon Swift’s “Modest Proposal” and William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience.

Views on Imperialism in Three Works of Literature

By Natalie Deister

Senior Natalie Deister examines three divergent literary representations of imperialism.