Linn County Connections Series

Linn County Connections is a consortium of natural science departments from local colleges, the Cedar Rapids Community School system, a number of conservation organizations and agencies, and various educational and environmental groups in Linn County.

Since 1993, Linn County Connections has hosted an ongoing lecture series intended to connect students and the public with outstanding members of the scientific community. The program offers presentations twice a year enabling students and the community to learn more about current scientific topics and environmental issues. Public lectures are held at a host college or university and the speakers spend the day with local college and high school students.

Mount Mercy sponsors this talk every other spring.

Past Speakers hosted by Mount Mercy

  • 2016 | Dr. Donald Gurnett — The Voyager 1 Mission to the Outer Planets and into Interstellar Space
  • 2014 | Dr. Hannah Marsh — Race and Biology: Why Do People Look Different and What Does It All Mean?
  • 2012 | Dr. Gary Machlis — Ecology of War
  • 2010 | Dr. John Francis — Redefining Environment
  • 2008 | Dr. Gary Machlis — Conservation Efforts and Research for Giant Pandas in China
  • 2006 | Dr. Paul Sherman — Darwinian Medicine: New Approach to Health
  • 2004 | Mr. Glenn Ellison — Alaska Conservation Issues
  • 2003 | Dr. Mike Lannoo — U.S. Coordinator Declining Amphibian Task Force
  • 2001 | Robert Schumaker — National Zoo, Washington D.C., Communication in Orangutans
  • 1999 | Dr. Gay Reinertz — Ecology of the Bonobos of the Congo
  • 1997 | Dr. Philip Currie — The evolution of birds from Theropod Dinosaurs
  • 1996 | Dr. Laura Jackson — Sustainable agriculture in the Midwest
  • 1994 | Dr. Robert M. Pyle — Butterfly ecology and the Migrating Monarchs
  • 1993 | Dr. Philip J. Currie — Large dinosaur paleontology in China and Canada