Kids Against Hunger

Kids Against Hunger is a national humanitarian organization whose main goal is to significantly reduce the amount of hungry children in the U.S. and throughout the world.  By packaging nutritious meals with 23 vitamins and minerals allows for those eating to obtain the proper nutrients to survive and grow. 

The Mount Mercy branch of Kids Against Hunger also works within our community to help those who are affected by lack of food and resources.  Throughout the year multiple fundraisers are held to reach the year's goal in order to package meals.  The ingredients and supplies are brought to campus and we ourselves put together the packages that will be sent to a location of our choice.  Together we can make a difference!

President: Kelsey Holmes,
Advisor: Brooke Oehme

Club Friday fundraiser
Mount Mercy University RA's took one for the team to raise money for Kids Against Hunger! Watch the Pie Throwing video.

Preparation & Packing
Mount Mercy's student club Kids Against Hunger raised funds to package more than 2,800 meals -- which will be sent to Darfur to help with hunger relief efforts.

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