Kaitlin Gregerson ’19
Psychology & Sociology Majors // Biology Minor

Picking a college can be tough, and for sophomore Kaitlin Gregerson, tough it was.

Gregerson, who created a spreadsheet list of every single college in Iowa, visited seven different campuses before choosing Mount Mercy University.

“The people at Mount Mercy were extremely friendly and helpful,” Gregerson said. “This was not always the case at other institutions. The student who completed my campus tour was engaging and answered all of my questions; she truly seemed interested in me as a person and gave helpful advice.”

Gregerson, who is a double major in psychology and sociology with a minor in biology, recently began working on a research project with Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Jen Lee.

“We are studying grit in relation to college and academic success,” Gregerson said. “We will be utilizing multiple online surveys to help see if there is any relation between grit, similar to perseverance, and success in school and work.”

Besides school and her research project, Gregerson fills her extra time by being involved in three different clubs on campus: M2AP Board as co-chair, Psychology Club and Science Club.

“I love helping plan and volunteer at events held for the student body. It’s a great way to make sure that the events held are ones that the students enjoy and want to attend. I have been a member of both the Psychology Club and the Science Club since the beginning of my sophomore year, and I appreciate being able to engage with others who share similar interests to my own.”

After graduation, Gregerson hopes to continue on to get her Ph.D. in psychology and knows Mount Mercy’s tight-knit community will help her pursue her dreams.

“Mount Mercy is helping me achieve this goal by creating lasting relationships with the faculty and offering me opportunities I would not receive elsewhere,” Gregerson said. “Faculty and student research is an important part of applying to grad school, and Mount Mercy has many opportunities to pursue this.”

After long contemplation, Gregerson is happy with her decision to attend MMU.

“Looking back on all of my options, I’m glad that I chose Mount Mercy because it encompasses qualities that are extremely important to me. I love the feel of the small campus; you can get to class in under 10 minutes—no matter where you are on campus. All of the faculty and staff are there to help you succeed. They go out of their way to benefit and aid you in making decisions that will better your future.

“I’m not just a number.”