Journalism Program Features

The journalism major is the right fit for students who aspire to a variety of professional writing careers, including work in news media or corporate writing, such as technical writing. Media careers include newspapers, magazines or other word-oriented reporting areas.

Job Possibilities
Students who graduate with a journalism degree often pursue careers as newspaper journalists, writers and editors. However, many graduates enter other professional writing fields, including advertising or corporate writing. Graduates have gone on to work in fields such as newspaper reporting and editing, religious communication including church-based media, advertising, public relations and many other writing positions, proving that a Mount Mercy education in journalism equips students with the skill set to achieve their professional goals.

Journalism students have an opportunity to present their best pieces of work at the university’s Scholarship Festival, a day-long showcase of academic work from across the campus. Past journalism majors have presenting on topics like on-line blogging and creating web site podcasts. Journalism majors are also often represented in Mount Mercy’s literary magazine, Paha Review.

Journalism students have done internships at many local media outlets, including The Gazette, KGAN, The Marion Times and The North Liberty Leader. In addition, journalism students have done internships both at remote media sites, such as Twin Cities Suburban Newspapers in the Minneapolis area, or corporate positions, including the corporate writing department at Rockwell-Collins.

Student Clubs
Journalism students are encouraged to gain hand-on journalistic experience by joining the staff of the Mount Mercy Times, the university’s weekly newspaper covering campus life. The newspaper offers an outlet for journalistic writing, photography, video, web site design and graphic arts. Through the Mount Mercy Times, students have the opportunity to gain experience in positions such as Editor-in-Chief, News Editor, Sports Editor, Video Editor, Photo Editor, Web Editor, Opinion Editor, Features Editor, Arts and Entertainment Editor, Cartoonist, Photographer, Opinion Columnist and Staff Writer.