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The Mount Mercy Investment Club’s primary purpose is to give hands-on experience to club members about investing in the stock market. This will be done through an online investments account. Other activities include a trip to the Chicago Board of Trade, monthly speakers, and an online virtual competition.

Mission Statement
The mission of the club is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about investing through a combination of activities. These activities include guest speakers, field trips, mock investment portfolio competitions, and the opportunity to research and help choose real investments in which to invest club funds.

Portfolio Management
Club members manage a gifted fund of over $13,000.  The portfolio holdings are reviewed yearly by the members to identify investment opportunities.

Virtual Stock Market Competition
Members of the Investment Club compete in the online trading simulation Virtual Stock Exchange. Students begin the virtual game with $100,000, making investment decisions to build their portfolios. The club turns the online game into a competition with cash prizes awarded for the top performing portfolios.

Field Trips 
Past trips have included an excursion to Chicago to participate in the Morningstar Workshop on Stock Valuation. Students toured the Chicago Mercantile and the managed futures firm PFGBEST. Last year, students also traveled to Omaha where they attended the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting (run by Warren Buffet) and a Value Investing Panel Discussion at Creighton University. In the spring of 2011, students traveled to New York and toured the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and the headquarters for the private equity firm Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts.

Panels and Guest Speakers
David Halfpap, AEGON USA Portfolio Manager and Russ Nieland, First Vice President of Investments at Robert W. Baird spoke on investment strategies with the group. The Club has hosted in-depth discussions of the current national and global financial climate with local industry experts.

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