International Studies Requirements for Major

The international studies program major requires the successful completion of 36 semester hours and an internship. The following requirements have been set to major in the international studies program.

Required courses 

  • EC 376 International Economy
  • HI 140 History of Western World Since 1648
  • PO 313 International Law & Organizations
  • History: Two courses — Latin American History, Imperial Russia and the Soviet Era
  • SO 330 Global Relations or SO 420 Revolutions and Social Change

Concentration Requirement

Students must complete nine semester hours in either Art, History, Political Science or Sociology. At least six of these credit hours must be in courses numbered 200 or above.

Research Methodology Requirement

  • PO 207 for political science concentration
  • SO 215 for sociology concentration
  • Students with a concentration in Art or History may choose one of the two courses above

Senior Thesis

Depending on their concentration area during their senior year, students are required to take one of the following courses:

  • HI 445 (Independent Study) for History
  • PO 441 (Seminar in Political Research) for Political Science
  • SO 441 (Senior seminar) for Sociology

Students will write a proposal for their thesis during the preceding semester that has to be approved by their advisor and Program Coordinator. Students will complete their Senior Thesis while taking the Senior Seminar or Independent Study.


A vital component of the international studies major and minor is the internship experience that can be done at the local, national or international levels. Students will gain valuable work experience in government agencies, private companies, and/or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are involved and concerned with international social policy planning and global economy. In consultation with their academic advisor and Program Coordinator, students will plan in advance for the semester in which they would like to intern. Students are advised to start the planning process early, as it may take some time to find placement and internship opportunities fill up fast. A list of local internships may be requested from the International Studies Program Coordinator, Dr. Mohammad Chaichian. Students can also inquire at the Career Services Office for appropriate internship sites. 

Language Requirements

Students must demonstrate proficiency in a second language by completing a minimum of 6 semester hours in a foreign language at the intermediate level or above. Both American and international students who demonstrate near-native level fluency in a foreign language may waive all or part of their language requirements.