International Studies Course List

The following courses are approved for the International Studies major and minor. Required courses are shown in bold, and the rest are electives.

AR 101 Introduction to Art 
AR 181 Fiber Arts 
AR 295 Survey of Mexican Culture Today 
AR 216 History of Non-Western Art 
BI 210 Biology and Human Culture 
BI 225 Global Environmental Issues 
CO 260 Intercultural Communication 
EC 251 Macroeconomic Principles 
EC 376 International Economics 
BN 350 International Management 
BK 311 International Marketing 
EN 154 Major World Writers 
FS 230 Studies in Foreign Film 
HI 120 The Origins of the Western Tradition 
HI 130 The Emergence of the West, 800-1648 
HI 140 History of the Western World Since 1648 
HI 213 Recent China in the Global Economy 
HI 230 Modern East Asia 
HI 250 Medieval Europe 
HI 260 Early Modern Europe, 1450-1789 
HI 265 Latin American History
HI 270 Nineteenth Century Europe 
HI 360 Modern Britain 
HI 295 History of Medicine & Disease 
HI 340 Crime & Punishment in England 
HI 365 20th Century Revolutions in Latin America 
HI 445 Independent Study 
HI 450 Internship 
HO 216 The Holocaust 
HO 218 Inequality by Design 
MU332-333 Music History and Literature 
PL 170 Introduction to Asian Thought 
PO 102 Introduction to Comparative Politics 
PO 103 Introduction to International Politics 
PO 112 Global Interdependence and Human Survival 
PO 207 Political Science Research Methods 
PO 311 American Foreign Policy 
PO 312 Politics of International Economic Relations 
PO 313 International Law and Organizations 
PO 314 Contemporary Political Ideologies 
PO 367 Politics of Developing Areas 
PO 441 Seminar in Political Research 
PO 425 Public Service Internship 
RS 115 Introduction to World Religions 
SO 183 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 
SO 215 Methods of Social Research 
SO 235 Social Inequalities 
SO 240 Medical Sociology 
SO 285 Islam and Politics 
SO 290 Urban Sociology 
SO 320 Sociology of Work 
SO 327 Technological Innovation and Social Change 
SO 330 Global Race Relations 
SO 420 Revolutions and Social Change
SO 430 Experiential Learning /Internship 
SO 441 Senior Seminar

*With the approval of your academic advisor and the Program Coordinator, you may substitute electives for any remaining required courses in the concentration area that are not offered during your senior year in order to graduate in a timely fashion.