Microlearning Opportunities

Our Business & Leadership faculty are happy to support your organization's professional development needs. Microlearning talks can range from 30 to 90 minutes, and several sessions can be combined for seminars or workshops of 1 to 4 hours, based on your needs.

Talk topics

Getting Better Every Single Day

The term “Continuous Improvement” covers a broad array of methods, processes, and tools—all effectively used in situations where a business is attempting to improve its performance. Examining these methods and processes, we will identify the situations in which each method is most effectively used.

Time Management & Productivity

Is there such a thing as enough time? We will explore the limits of time in our lives and evaluate our attitudes about the use of our time. You will discover the impact productivity improvements can have on your effective use of time while searching for additional methods to improve productivity.

Superior, Permanent Customer Service

"Respect + Repair + Resolve" is acknowledged as an excellent formula for providing superior up-front service that can be sustained for the long-term. Customer service isn't simply bright smiles and "May I help you," but the action taken to help triage problems that require quick resolution, then following up to eliminate root causes to ensure that future customers do not experience—or re-experience—the same problems.

Fixing Problems Forever: You Must Kill the Root

Strong problem-solving employs simple processes, methods, and tools that enable organizations to improve performance across all areas. We will examine using processes, methods, and tools and their immediate impact—as well as long-term problem-solving and root cause elimination.

Energy Vampires

You have just experienced an exhausting week at work: you’re tired, depleted, and simply worn out. Most of us believe it’s the task and responsibilities that are draining our energy. While work can be demanding, the real culprit is often the negativity of those around you. We will explore ways to recognize these energy "zappers" and how to deal with them.

Power of Positivity

Research in the field of positive psychology in the past 10 years has demonstrated that employees who are happier at work are more likely to keep their jobs, showing productivity increases of up to 31% and added resiliency, along with suffering less burnout—resulting in lower turnover. We will share the techniques for building a culture of positive thinking.

A Remote Team. Now What?

Understanding the similarities and differences in managing remote teams has everything to do with success or failure. Sneak peek: there are more similarities than differences. Learn how to recognize both during this interactive session.

Conflict Styles ... Conflict Resolution

Conflict is unavoidable. Learn how to identify your conflict style, gain an appreciation for the conflict styles of those around you, and explore strategies to mitigate conflict when it arises. This session can be expanded to include identifying hidden sources of interpersonal and organizational conflict.

Leaders Listen

On average, organizational leaders spend a minimum of 50% of their day listening. Explore your listening style, learn how to identify the listening styles of colleagues, and how to leverage listening for improved team effectiveness and organizational efficiency.


What really motivates employees may surprise you. Learn what it takes to build productivity and engagement.

Leading Change ... Organizational Change

People resist change for a variety of reasons. Discover how to mitigate resistance and gain buy-in to move your organization forward.

Hybrid Team Dynamics

Teams are at the heart of our organizations. Explore barriers to teamwork and tactics that will make teams more effective.

Organizational Communication

We lead through communication. We will discuss how communication can inspire, engage, motivate, and maximize your leadership effectiveness.

You, the Leader

What is leadership and why is it important? What drives you as a leader? Why should others follow you? The most effective leaders easily answer these questions and use them to guide their leadership practice.

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Great leaders influence others through relationship-building activities that include asking the right questions, listening to their employees, and coaching with compassion. In this session, you will develop the knowledge to become a coach that leads. All of us remember those who have encouraged us, challenged us, and helped us to become our best selves. Learn the skill to be that person for others by serving as a coach first and a leader second.

Leading Remotely

Remote leadership can be more challenging than traditional leadership because we lack the ease of in-person contact. Creatively engaging with your workforce will ensure productive completion of tasks.

Motivation While Working from Where You Are

Staying motivated can be a challenge for most of us but even more so in a remote environment. Explore new approaches to completing tasks, working with others in a virtual setting, and managing "up."

The Customer Experience

The customer journey begins with the development of a mutually beneficial relationship. Managing the client life cycle ensures a loyal and repeat following, which aids predictability. 

Virtual Teams

Virtual teams vary depending on the nature of your business, goals, and the make-up of your workforce. And although you will experience lower costs, increased flexibility, and a larger talent pool, challenges exist. Learn how to harness your talent for success. 

The Employee Experience

The employee experience begins with caring about their career aspirations, financial needs, and value. The challenges we now face to hire and retain strong contributing members of our team takes skill and finesse. Discover the imperative of taking this aspect of your business seriously. 

Natural Curiosity

Natural curiosity—demonstrating a sincere interest in everything that surrounds you and your business—curiosity for all things occurring in your industry, what is happening in your environment, your prospects, clients, and suppliers. It leads to success in solving problems that ensure on-time quality delivery, as well as ways to identify new profit and growth opportunities.

Growth Mindset

Challenge and thinking in possibilities are what motivates those with a growth mindset. Encouraging others to adopt this way of thinking will lead to greater empowerment, collaboration, and innovation. Adopting this way of thinking will enable you and others to feel greater ownership and professional growth.

Results-Driven Decision-Making

Results-driven decision-makers are accountable, focused, and task/goal-oriented. Planning, vision, and attitude set them apart from others. Quick thinking is at the heart of their success with a keen eye on productivity.

Quality Assurance Autopsy

Peter Drucker defines “quality” as what the customer gets and is willing to pay for. Customers pay only for what is of use to them and gives them value. Satisfying customer needs ensures loyalty, long-term revenue, and profitability. Are you focused on this essential aspect of your operation, and should you be?

Learn How to Learn … You Think You Know, But Do You?

Learning is fundamental in our lives, BUT are we getting the most out of this important facet in our growth? Taking advantage of some quick tips will ensure you are getting the most out of your experiences.

Multigenerational Workforce

With great resignations come opportunity to think differently about our workforce and be creative with work and work schedules. Some organizations can have five generations in the workplace; teams and leaders must be able to learn from all generations.

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