Sustainability: Human/Nature & the Future of the Earth

Sustainability: Human/Nature & the Future of the Earth

Human Nature logoIn 1987 the United Nations defined sustainability as "Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Since then, an accelerating global demand for natural resources has exceeded the earth's ability to replenish itself.

Focusing on the Mercy Critical Concern of care for the earth, the 2018 Fall Faculty Series looks at the human relationship with the planet we call home and explores the environmental, economic, social, and spiritual causes and consequences of a growing planetary crisis.

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Events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted. Seating may be limited. In keeping with our educational mission, Mount Mercy University welcomes presenters with varied perspectives. Thank you for joining us! 

2018 Fall Faculty Series Events

Aug. 29 Series Overview: Defining Sustainability for Our Times
Dr. Joy Ochs, Professor of English
7 PM | Flaherty Community Room (204 Basile Hall)
Sept. 18 Pope Francis' Laudato Sí: Harmony with the Natural Order and the Dignity of Creatures
Dr. Bryan Cross, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
7 PM | Flaherty Community Room (204 Basile Hall)
Oct. 11 Hot Story: How the Media Struggles to Cover Climate Change
Joseph Sheller, M.A., Associate Professor of Communications
7 PM | Flaherty Community Room (204 Basile Hall)
Oct. 22 Global Social and Economic Sustainability: Supporting Environmental Practices
Dr. Kate O’Neill, Associate Professor of Strategic Leadership
7 PM | Flaherty Community Room (204 Basile Hall)
Nov. 1 Iowa Lands and Waters
Rachael Murtaugh, M.S., Director of Sustainability and Stewardship
7 PM | Flaherty Community Room (204 Basile Hall)
Nov. 19 Addressing Consumerism: The Life-Cycle of Stuff
Dr. Tracy Tunwall, Associate Professor of Business
Dr. Kris Keuseman, Associate Professor of Chemistry
7 PM | Flaherty Community Room (204 Basile Hall)