History Program Features

History is an ideal major for students with a passion for the past. History majors investigate social, political, economic, and cultural developments across the wide spectrum of peoples, from the beginning of civilization to the present.

Job Possibilities
Common career choices for history majors include teaching, business, journalism, government, library science and historic preservation.  Mount Mercy’s history majors have been employed with the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library and Mid-Plains Community College.

Investigation is a key component to the history curriculum. Students have an opportunity to do research with faculty members in the program and present their best-quality research to the campus community. Past history majors have presented on topics such as U.S.-China relations and American trade policy.

In exchange for classroom credit and an opportunity to gain hands-on experience, students enjoy internships at Cedar Rapids museums and centers like the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, Carl and Mary Koehler History Center, African-American Museum and Cultural Center, and Mount Mercy’s library.

Study Abroad
Study abroad opportunities are a great fit for the mind of a history major. Students enjoy learning through our partnerships in Olomouc, Czech Republic; Canterbury, England; and Stirling, Scotland, among others.

Student Clubs
The History Club provides students with the opportunity to guide their historical exploration to the topics they find most interesting. Through the History Club, students can share their passion and organize activities together.