Student Perspective

Your contributions to Mount Mercy help students discover their God-given talents and share those with the world.

We expect a lot of our students. We expect them to explore and develop their abilities here on the Hill. There is something each one is distinctly suited to do with his or her life, something for which they have a passion, something valuable for others. We expect that they will spend their time here seeking that calling while receiving a faith-inspired, values-based education.

Your ongoing support makes that exploration and discovery possible.


"MMU has given me the opportunity to not just further my education, but also to gain new experiences and meet many people from different backgrounds that have greatly impacted my life."

Receva Duos ’17
Criminal Justice & Applied Philosophy Majors / Psychology Minor
Des Moines, Iowa


"Beyond the care professors here show about a student’s work in class, they also show a genuine interest in the student as a person. They know what your goal after Mount Mercy is and will give you the advice you need to get you to your goal. Students here are lucky to be able to have such solid resources."

Josh Long ’19
Biology Major / Psychology Minor
Belle Plaine, Iowa


"I’ve always been interested in business and the career options it offers in the world today. Mount Mercy has countless opportunities and programs that encourage students to step out of their comfort zones—both in and out of the classroom."

Lauren Graziano ’19
Business Management & International Studies Majors
Monument, Colorado