Gaining Experience in Legal Studies

There are a number of ways that students can gain experience while also attending Mount MercyUniversity. Participating in internships, community service, and extracurricular activities broadensstudents' experiences, familiarizes them with the community and its needs, introduces them to theimportance of networking, and allows them to strengthen their communication skills.

Possible internship placements in the community include:
- State Public Defender's Office- Juvenile Court- Legal Services/Legal Aid- Private law offices

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, Mount Mercy University is committed to Serving the Common Good.One of our primary goals is to instill this value in graduates. Not only does volunteer work and communityservice benefit the community and enrich students' lives, but it often provides an opportunity for studentsto explore internship and career opportunities. Volunteerism and community service are frequentlyvalued criteria for hiring and graduate/law school, too.

The Cedar Rapids area offers many opportunities for volunteering. To find possible placements, consultyour academic advisor, the Career Services Director, of the Director of Service Learning.