Busse Library provides this website as a resource for students and faculty researching literature's major authors. Based upon the book, The Literary 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Novelists, Playwrights, and Poets of All Time by Daniel S. Burt (New York: Facts on File, 2001), the project offers full listings by ranking and through a name index.

Specialized pages offer women writers, American authors, United Kingdom authors, and world authors grouped by continent. Developed solely for this website, additional project resources include significant authors in children's literature and a compilation of other "top 100" literature projects.

Each author's entry includes online biographical research and landmarks, scholarly resources, major works online, and Busse Library offerings for the novelist, dramatist, or poet.

This project, and its inspiration, develop from a tradition to select the world's most important authors who made a lasting contribution to literature and to compile a selection of history's most significant published texts in fiction and nonfiction.

This index offers access to all author entries in ranked order. Direct access to the author's full record in the project is provided via the author's name. To see a grouping page (i.e., "Top 10 Authors"), select the group's boldface title.

The Authors, By Ranking:

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