First year student swings it, sings it, wings it

Anna Kallqvist swings a golf club on the Mount Mercy Campus

Anna Kallqvist is not just any college student. This freshman psychology major hails from Stockholm, Sweden and has more than just a few talents to share with the students and faculty at Mount Mercy University.

Kallqvist had no idea where she wanted to go after she had graduated high school. Several schools in the United States contacted Kallqvist, but after being recruited for golf, she made a visit to Mount Mercy and decided it would be a good fit.

After an 11 hour plane ride from home where her younger brother and parents still reside, Kallqvist is diving right in to her college career. She manages to squeeze golf, Drama Club and International Club in on top of her coursework.

Kallqvist took home a fourth place medal from the Mount Mercy Four Ball Classic golf tournament on September 4, 2010. “I like my golf team a lot,” Kallqvist said. “It’s good to get off campus and think about something else and that’s one thing I really like about it. It’s nice to get outside and not be stuck in the dorms studying.”

Kallqvist is not just interested in golf; she enjoys singing and theater as well. “I was in a musical last year at high school — Dracula,” she said, “It was the greatest thing I experienced in my three years of high school… I don’t have much experience but I’d like to be in a musical here sometime because I like acting and singing.”

While she keeps herself busy here at Mount Mercy, Kallqvist still finds herself missing some things from home. “I miss Swedish meatballs… I miss sitting at cafes in Stockholm and the Swedish summer — it was too humid here — and I miss Swedish Idol,” she said.

On the other hand, Kallqvist said, “I like the people here, they are very friendly and open minded… and the surroundings, it’s really pretty here.”

After graduating, Kallqvist plans on doing a good amount of traveling. “I’d like to go to different states, meet new people, see different cultures and learn from them, try different things before I decide what to do in life,” she said.

Trying new things is something that she definitely doesn’t shy away from. “I’m not afraid of doing things,” she said. “I’d like to skydive and bungee jump… as long as I can’t hurt myself, I can do anything.”

For now Kallqvist, is working hard and taking it one day at a time. “My goal is to do my best and see where that can get me.”

This Student Profile was written by Elizabeth Brumm, Campus Editor, and was originally published in the Mount Mercy Times in the September 29, 2010, issue.