Scholarship Fest artworkScholarship Festival features student research presentations and creative works during poster sessions, interdisciplinary panels, and creative performances.

2019 Schedule—Monday, April 29

Session 1: Authority, Information & Society

8:30–9:15 AM, Sisters of Mercy University Center 110
Moderator: Dennis Drew
Coffee and pastries served

Three-Strikes Laws and Their Effects on Society
Marlan " LO" Dixon (Criminal Justice, Psychology)
Project adviser: Chad Loes

Russia, Disinformation & the U.S. Response
Paul Elliott (Political Science, History)
Project adviser: Richard Barrett

Would You OBEY? Development of First Day Teaching Activity Demonstrating the Perils of Mobile App Permissions
Marlan "LO" Dixon (Criminal Justice, Psychology) & Connor Marzen (Computer Science)
Project adviser: Dennis Dew

Session 2: Sustainability, Psychology & Ecology

9:3010:30 AM, Sisters of Mercy University Center 110
Moderator: Rachael Murtaugh

Empty Can Challenge (Demonstration)
Srdjan Jankovic (Business Marketing) and Joy Ochs
Project adviser: Joy Ochs

Raptor Populations During Iowa Winters
Kaitlin Chermak (Biology, Outdoor Conservation)
Project adviser: Alesia Hruska

Applying Psychology to Increase Water Conservation
Maggie Peterson (Psychology)
Project adviser: Dennis Dew

From Eritrea to Iowa: One Child's Story in America
Rebekah Ford (Education)
Project adviser: Norma Linda Mattingly

Poster Sessions

11 AM1 PM, Sisters of Mercy University Center Commons
Refreshments served

The State of Diversity in the Association for Applied Sport Psychology: Gaining Momentum or Still Swimming Upstream? 
Adelaide Bayne and Mady Roth (Psychology)
Project adviser: Matt Bejar 

Athletic Identity, Injury Occurrence, and Rehabilitation Time in U.S. College Athletes
Max Rieger (Psychology, Management, Human Resource Management) 
Project adviser: Matt Bejar

Qualtrics, SONA, and SPSS: The Use of Software in Psychological Research
Alaina Elliott (Psychology, Sociology)
Project adviser: Jaclynn Sullivan

Synthesizing Human Trafficking Screening Tools and Identifying Barriers to Help for Marginalized Populations
Alaina Elliott (Psychology, Sociology)
Project adviser: Taylor Houston

Wining About Research
Samantha Schuerer (Biochemistry) 
Project adviser: Joseph Nguyen

Rain Gardens Rejuvenated
Julia Roedel (Biology)
Project adviser: Rachael Murtaugh

Mount Mercy Pollinator Garden
Clare Heinrich (Outdoor Conservation, English)
Project adviser: Metha Klock

Innate Immune Response of Keratinocytes to Ebolavirus Entry
Jenna Bemiss (Biology)
Project adviser: Danielle Rudd

In Support of Awareness Regarding College Students Abusively Using Prescription Stimulant Medications 
Cali Arbuckle, Tessa Ostendorf, Mikaela Katz, Megan Mishmash, Sarah VanHoe, Mikaela Rans (Nursing)
Project adviser: Audrey Sheller

In Support of Decreased Refugee Parent-Child Separation to Minimize Adverse Childhood Experiences

Cali Arbuckle, Rebecca Boland, Megan Demmer, Alexis Duwa, Sydney Franks, Allison Heims, Tessa Ostendorf, Kasey Palmer (Nursing)
Project adviser: Audrey Sheller

Sustain, Reuse, Rethink: Art & Design Works About Sustainability 
AR 230 Art & Design Students
Project adviser: Jose Clemente

Attempting to Identify Salt Deposits with Image Analysis
Dane Lee (Math)
Project adviser: Robert Todd

Residential Aggression in Various Enclosure Sizes in Procambarus Clarkii with Intruder Present 
Lauren Thome and Molly Hahn (Biology)
Project adviser: Anya Illes

Featured Artwork by MMU Students (throughout the University Commons)

Mount Mercy Students

Nursing Program, Senior Posters

11 AM–1 PM, Donnelly Hall, 2nd Floor
Project advisers: Anne Hartman & Audrey Sheller

Cycled Light in the NICU
Megan Demmer

Fast-Track in the ED 
Kiley Seelman

CE Programs for Nurses
Polly Chan

Implementing a Support Program for Families During CPR
Karli Oltmanns

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation in the ICU 
Dakota Dohlman

Disinfectant IV Caps in Surgical Patients
Chalynn Hampton

Fast-Track in the ED
Abby Recker

BEARS Sleep Screening Tool in Peds 
Kate Quint

Oncology-Fertility Support in Breast Cancer Patients
Jess Miller

Mindfulness in an Adolescent Psych Unit
Chloe Sunde

Sensory Textiles for Dementia Patients
Tessa Ostendorf

Massage Therapy in Neonates
Haley Street

Patient-Nurse Ratio
Taylor Brant

Essential Oils in Post-Op Care
Kayla Thelen

Virtual Reality in Pediatrics
Madison Deters

Music Therapy in the Emergency Department
Dorothy Zaugg

Waiting 24 Hours to Bathe the Newborn
Tiffany Hoeger

Naps for Night-Shift Nurses
Marisa Modlin

Intergenerational Programming in Assisted Living Facilities
Cali Arbuckle

Father Involvement in the NICU
Sydney Franks

Care of Psych Patients in Non-Psych Settings
Alexis Duwa 

Music Therapy in the NICU
Jena Stukerjurgen 

Music Interventions in the Pre-Op Area
Mindy Lingel

Compression Only CPR for Family Members of Patients at Risk for Cardiac Arrest
Samantha Friederichs

Honey to Aid in Healing Diabetic Wounds
Julie Pressler

Aromatherapy in a Long-Term Care Facility
Claire Crew

Blood Conservation Program
Rebecca Boland

Mirror Therapy for Stroke Patients
Lindsey Cach

Fast-Track in the ED
Raechel Ricklefs

ECMO for ARDS Patients
Sarah Meyers

Oral Sucrose for Infants in the Clinic Setting
Jessica Zinser

Music Therapy with NICU Patients
Rylee Blood

Companionship Programs for the Elderly
Rachel Gadient

Virtual Reality for Burn Patients
Eric Rowe

Fast-Track in the ED
Cherokee Heindselman

Scalp-Cooling for Hair Loss Related to Chemo
Mallory Allen

Music Interventions for Pre-Op Patients
Emily Coover

Healing Light Guided Imagery for MS Patients with Depression
Ahmed Sheikh

Delayed Bathing for Newborns
Scout Kasik

Naloxene Training for Family Memebers in the Emergency Department
Kasey Palmer

Session 3: Outside Parties & Strategies to Influence U.S. Elections 

1111:45 PM, Sisters of Mercy University Center 110 
Moderator: Richard Barrett

Panel Discussion
Allyson Ritchie and Paul Elliott (Political Science) 
Project advisor: Richard Barrett 

Session 4: Round Table & Readings

1–2 PM, Sisters of Mercy University Center 110
Moderator: Carol Tyx
Refreshments served

Celebrating Creative Writing on the Hill: Paha 2019
Student editors Chuck Uthe, Jessica Purgett, Haley Weideman, and Savannah Oler (English) celebrate the spring 2019 release of Mount Mercy University’s literary journal Paha and discuss the editorial and selection process. Selected student works will be read. 

Session 5: Social Conscience & Memoir

2:15 PM, Sisters of Mercy University Center 110
Moderator: Carol Tyx

Recognizing the Humanitarian Crisis at the U.S./Mexico Border through Franciso Cantu's Memoir, The Line Becomes a River
Allyson Killean (English, Secondary Education)
Project adviser: Carol Tyx

Session 6: Programming, Prediction & Chemistry

2:453:45 PM, Sisters of Mercy University Center 110
Moderator: Alesia Hruska

NAO Robot Demonstration 
Ryan Booth (Finance, Computer Science)
Project adviser: Elizabeth Keiman

CS & MIS Senior Project: Developing a Personality Assessment App for Author Dave Mitchell
Kyler Every, Adam Roehrich, Jenelle Edmunds (Computer Science, Management Information Systems)
Project advisers: Bill Pitcher and Tony Rose

Isolation of Betulin and Betulinic Acid from the Outer Bark of Genus Betula
Samantha Sendek (Chemistry)
Project adviser: Kristopher Keuseman

How Good is the Current Fall Assesment Tool in Predicting Falls by the Elderly?
Samantha Kitterman (Biology, SHEP Minor)
Project adviser: Alesia Hruska

Closing Reception & Paha Release Party

3:455 PM, Janalyn Hanson White Gallery
Beer, wine, soda, and snacks provided

Gallery Exhibit: Senior Thesis Show I


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COVER ART: Chelsie Mangold
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