Scholarship: It's Not What You Think

“Money and Life Satisfaction.”
“Safety of Generic Pharmaceuticals.”
“Wellness in the Workplace.”

Welcome to the rich and varied world of academic scholarship!

These are just some of the subjects that Mount Mercy students and faculty have delved into as they engage in research projects that cross multiple disciplines and academic majors.

Mount Mercy’s Pathways to Scholarship campaign showcased these projects, along with a variety of academic achievements, vibrant poster displays and interactive demonstrations, during the Scholarship Festival on May 1. Learn more about the presentations by clicking the link for each panel.

Panel 1: Ways of Teaching and Learning

10:00 - 10:50 a.m., University Center, Room 110

Aaron Lacy (Biology): Water Purification: Lessons Learned from First-Year Chemistry Students
Kristy Lueken (Nursing): Artifacts of the Holocaust

Haley Sprague (Human Resource Management): Holocaust Museums

Panel 2: When Faculty and Students Collaborate

11:00 - 11:50 a.m., Betty Cherry Heritage Hall

Nathan Stern & Dr. April Dirks-Bihun (Social Work): Courageous Conversations and Cross-Cultural Mentoring on a University Campus
Rebecca Louison & Dr. Dennis Dew (Psychology): Student Attributions of Causality in Academic Settings
Allison Roe & Dr. Joe Nguyen (Chemistry): Potential Sustainable Production of Biodiesel

Panel 3: Impacts from an Environment

12:00 - 12:50 p.m., Betty Cherry Heritage Hall

Aaron Kriz Ackman (Political Science/Human Resource Management): Minimum Wage Effects on Employment Rates
Lauren Statenzi et al. (Psychology): Examining Associations Between Allergies, Neurodevelopment, and Autistic Symptoms in Children
James Estipona (Biology): Discovering Candidate Genes Causing Glaucoma by Identifying Proteins that Interact with SH3XD2B

Panel 4: Creative Writing

1:00 - 1:50 p.m., Betty Cherry Heritage Hall

Kristina Mione (English): "What's Important"
Jonathan Fields (English): "Life"
Alaina Kote (English and History): "Little Things: A Ghazal"

Abby Klaassen (English and Education): "Chasing the Night"

• Maddy Jones (Communication): "The Pond"

Winners of the Mount Mercy Creative Writing Contest for High School Juniors

1st - Sara Lyon (Mount Vernon): "A Wish Too Late"

• 2nd - Christine Stuppi (Springville): "Untitled"

3rd - Lauren Clapp (Iowa City Regina): "Seven"


11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., University Center Commons

A.J. Jiru, Joe Zach, Hanna Stenzel, Molly First, Samantha Frost (Biology): The war behind your cell phone: A review of rare earth metals in electronics
James Estipona, Jaime Civate, Taylor Helms, Brooklyn Schrader (Biology), Cara Camarillo (Computer Science): Freshwater depletion due to agricultural demands
Tasia Flaucher (Biology), Reed Katzman, Ryne Brimayer, Bryce Altoff (Outdoor Conservation), Alex Karr (Biology/Outdoor Conservation): The facts about fracking
Kodey Salow, Taylor Helms, and Samantha Frost (Biology): Home Range Tracking of Hatchling Terrapene ornata ornate
Lauren Statezni (Biology), Ashley Hoffman (Psychology), Jeremy Glunt (Nursing): The Structure of Pain-Related Psychological Factors
Bethany Cowell (Human Resources): Total Workplace Wellness Poster
Melisa Prier (Nursing): Yoga treatment with acute anxiety patients
Kyla Lindley, Megan Vogel, Allison Roe, and Stephanie Muehlemann (Biology and Psychology): Incremental Validity of Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Regulation in Relation to Testing for Prediction of Test Anxiety
Jessica Glasgow, Kyla Lindley, and Rebecca Schultz (Psychology): The Effect of Positively-versus Negatively-Worded Items on Measurement of Well-Being
Brady Gerber and Blaine Stott (Chemistry): A more sustainable approach to making biodiesel
Mikayla Calloway (Biology): Effects of supplemental salt on water consumption in horses
Aaron Lacy (Biology) and Breanna Fecht (Medical Lab Sciences): Insertional mutagenesis of a hepatotoxin sythase gene in Microcytis aeruginosa
Carrie Kuehn (Outdoor Conservation/English): Microclimatic changes to sand prairies after introduction of conifers
Chris Reed (History) and Bailey Zegers (Nursing): Genetic Engineering of Humans: Pro vs. Con
Thomas Kremer (Journalism/Philosophy) and Kristina Mione (English): Should We Allow Human Cloning?
Brady Gerber, Tasia Flaucher (Biology): The Biology and Ethics of Stem Cell Research
Chelsi Stanford (International Studies) and Tonya Harman (Nursing): Should We Select the Sex of Our Children?

Round Table: On Research Opportunities (Psychology)

12:00 - 12:50 p.m., University Center, Room 110

Kyla Lindley, Rebecca Louison, Allison Roe, McKenna Sexton, Megan Timm, Nikola Utinkova and moderator Dr. Ron Feldt

Panel 5: Surviving Violence

2:00 - 2:50 p.m., Betty Cherry Heritage Hall

Veselin Karagyaurov (Political Science/International Studies) How the Process of Regime Change Affects the Level of Violence
Sadie Wasmund (Criminal Justice) Empowering Victims of Domestic Violence
Abby Klaassen (English/Education): Marriage as an Allegory of Destruction in Jane Eyre and The Wild Sargasso Sea

Panel 6: Through the Lens

3:00 - 3:50 p.m., University Center, Room 110

Jeremy Cline (Biology): Genetic Analysis of Putative Cell Division in Escherichia Coli
Valerie Loudenback (Criminal Justice): How to Be a Flapper Girl: A Story in Pictures

Kristi Bonert (Elementary Education): The Holocaust: A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words