Angela Schadler Headshot


Angela Schadler

Assistant Professor - DNP Nursing


  • DNP University of Iowa
  • MS Dartmouth College
  • MSN Clarkson College
  • BSN, BS Mount Mercy University


Angela Schadler joined Mount Mercy in 2019, where she teaches courses on health care systems, leadership, and population health in the doctoral nursing program.

Schadler’s clinical experience includes psychiatric, intensive care, and cardiac nursing. As an advanced registered nurse practitioner, Schadler has devoted herself to cardiac nursing. She has a wide variety of career experiences, including overseeing a chronic heart failure clinic, developing medical leadership programs, and creating and implementing heart health education programs. Schadler is also a member of the American College of Cardiology.

In her free time, Schadler enjoys spending time with friends and family, shopping, reading, and taking long walks.