Faculty Profile: Philosophy

Mary Ducey
Philosophy Faculty

Professor of Philosophy Mary Ducey decided to become a teacher after positive influences showed her what it meant to live a meaningful life, an invaluable lesson she tries to bestow on her students.

“I had wonderful teachers at every level in school and it seemed to me that if I could do the kind of good that they did, my life would be meaningful and happy.”

Ducey, who is chair of the department of philosophy and religious studies, teaches ethics, logic, intro to western philosophy, and faith and reason. Her areas of interest include Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, ethics and critical thinking. She chose to teach at Mount Mercy because of the university’s values, in particular good teaching over publishing.

 “My colleague Bryan Cross and I agree that the study of philosophy is important for students to lead meaningful and happy lives. We have a flexible major, one that makes a great second major, and I’m sure we can find a program of study that will help students toward those goals.”

To further accommodate for a second major, final senior writing projects are interdisciplinary so that students can discover the deeper connections between their two majors. Mount Mercy’s small class size allows for deep discussion on a variety of topics, which can benefit individual students greatly.

Faculty and students often gather outside of class to discuss the big questions of life, which is common for people who study philosophy. To her, the friendships that have come from the student-teacher relationship mean more than most other achievements.

When Ducey is not teaching she enjoys gardening, reading, following St. Louis Cardinals baseball, being an active aunt and being an active member of All Saints Church in Cedar Rapids.