Faculty Profile: Graphic Design

Jose Clemente, Graphic Design

Assistant Professor of Art Jose Clemente understands the importance of teacher/student interaction. Being a part of a student’s creative process while watching them grow as an artist is one of the most fulfilling parts of his job.

“I really enjoy seeing, interacting and being part of a student’s creativity,” Clemente said. “I also enjoy teaching different techniques, concepts and tools on how creativity can be expressed and used by students.”

Because he is so involved with student work, his role as a teacher involves advocacy. Not only does Clemente impact student learning, he is the voice that stands up for what tools students in the graphic design program need in order to succeed.

With a class-size limit set at 16 students, Mount Mercy’s graphic design classes allow for one-on-one interaction.

“I feel that the faculty, especially in the communication, literature, and arts department, personally care about the success of students no matter their major.”

Small class sizes also allow Clemente to work on research and concepts outside of the university.

His personal work has landed him in interesting places. He has done research on Latinos in the border region, and has had displays at the Emporia Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center in Kansas and the Lowe Parks Arts and Environment Center in Marion, Iowa.

Before Clemente became a part of Mount Mercy’s faculty in 2012, he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts from Kansas State University where he worked as graphic designer during graduate school. He then became an art instructor for Knox College and Carl Sandberg College, both located in Illinois. Sticking with higher education, Clemente moved back to graphic design for the University of Texas at El Paso before freelancing under Jose Clemente Art.

In his free time, Clemente balances his time between life, family and his passion for art.