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Ellen Warrington, Education

Professor of Education Dr. Ellen Warrington knew she wanted to teach when she was just 4 years old. She heard about an open position at Mount Mercy from a friend 17 years ago and has been a part of the faculty since.

When she came to Mount Mercy, she brought with her years of special education teaching knowledge and experience from six states. Following her interests, Dr. Warrington completed her doctoral research on self-advocacy and self-determination with middle school children who have disabilities.

She believes Mount Mercy’s reputation in education speaks for itself and expects students should be prepared for difficult, but rewarding, work.

“Mount Mercy is a wonderful university with a very positive reputation in education in the local communities,” Dr. Warrington said. Teaching is a job which demands a lot of work, but has many rewards. We provide students with a personal advisor and with a plan for their program here. We have small class sizes and believe that hands-on learning is very important to learning. To this end, our students complete upwards of 150 hours in the classroom prior to student teaching.”

After students complete appropriate classroom work, they are able to move into a primary school classroom setting. Mount Mercy uses the Professional Development School (PDS) model, which supports and enhances student learning. PDS allows university students to interact with and practice nearly learned teaching skills with students in a natural classroom setting on a regular basis. Mount Mercy is one of the first schools in the Midwest to adopt this way of learning.

Dr. Warrington is a member of numerous organizations, including the Council for Exceptional Children, the Learning Disabilities Association, the International Dyslexia Association, Association for Curriculum and Development, and Children with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD). She is also co-author of the book Conflict Resolution: A Practical Guide for K-12 Teachers Using Peter Senge's Mental Models and articles Co-teaching: Putting Theory into Practice and Transition Into Success.

In her free time, Dr. Warrington enjoys reading, cooking and traveling.