Public Relations is vital to all organizations! PR is about promoting positive relationships between different groups: company/ customers, management/employees, organization/volunteers, etc. It is a valuable skill for all professionals, and the more experience you get today, the better prepared you will be for your future career. That’s why FACE is a pre-professional club for all students, regardless of major. The club is organized as a firm with multiple departments. This enables students from all majors to be involved in an organization that provides professional counsel for real clients. What a great way to build your resume and portfolio!

The purpose of FACE is to provide real world public relations experience for students while emphasizing the importance of combining research, business, marketing, advertising, media relations, creativity, writing, web development, event planning, and other skills through a team effort to accomplish goals determined by our clients.

President: Emily McLane, emclane9416@mustangs.mtmercy.edu
Advisor: Dave Klope