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Mount Mercy University welcomes students to campus for ExploreU@MMU World of Technology, June 15-20. The summer program is designed specifically for middle school girls completing 6th, 7th and 8th grades. 

Offering a special session for returning students.

Watch a video from KCRG about ExploreU.

The program is designed to help young girls learn math and computer science skills while having fun. During the program, students used Scratch software to analyze patterns and learned the fundamentals of programming.

This program teaches important mathematical and computational ideas while helping students to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. Participants learn about prime numbers and pattern matching, while integrating math and computer science. ExploreU also engages students, opens their eyes to math and science in the world around them, teaches both ideas and skills, and ignites their interest in learning. 

To register please fill out the Registration Form and mail completed form and check to:
Mount Mercy University
ATTN: Dr. Elizabeth Kleiman
1330 Elmhurst Drive NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-4797

Please email Dr. Elizabeth Kleiman or Dr. Jitka Stehnova with questions, or to request more information.

What people say about the program:

From Undergraduate mentors:

“I think this is an amazing program that teaches a wide variety of topics and motivates the students to learn more. The instructors did a very good job of keeping the students interested and engaged.”

“I feel that if it were to be coed it would lose the purpose. It is for girls to realize that they belong in the Math and CS field. It was very beneficial for them and for us.”


From Parents:

“My expectations were exceeded with the program.”

“As a parent I thought the camp was great!”

“We were very pleased with the tools that she now has for math and computer science.  She has learned some valuable things she can take to school with her.  Thank you for all your enthusiasm and for caring enough to spend two weeks with the kids to make learning fun.”

From students:

I really enjoyed this and didn't actually expect it to be this fun! I think it is a great program for anybody.”

“I loved Explore U and look forward to coming back next year!!”

“I thought that it was a ton of fun, but you were still able to learn.”



ExploreU is supported by the MAA Tensor Grant Program for Women and Mathematics, and the Transamerica Corporation. Mount Mercy thanks these organizations for their support.