Events & Activities

At Mount Mercy, it's easy to make friends, join clubs and organizations and try new things. Student activities are planned by the Student Activities staff and campus clubs and orgs. You'll quickly find that your calendar is full of events like Halloween Hoopla, Vegas Night and Spring Fling Week. Additionally, outside musicians, comedians and entertainers regularly perform on campus. 

Major campus events and volunteer opportunities are publicized through campus emails and newsletters and posted on the student portal, myCampus. You'll find that the University Center is the central hub for informal and hosted student events. The UC has 2 big screen TV's, as well as a game area with pool tables and ping pong. You can check out everything from board games to bicycles and the Wii gaming system. Be sure to stop by from 3 to 4 p.m. on Fridays for Club Friday.

More Information

For information about campus activities, contact the staff responsible for Student Activities.

Sarah BotkinSarah Botkin
Associate Dean and Director of Student Engagement
319-363-1323319-363-1323 ext. 1865

Sarah came to Mount Mercy in 2006 after working at schools in Texas and Illinois. She enjoys the opportunity to work with students on various projects and is always excited to meet students and families during new student orientation. Sarah says, “No matter what point in your academic career you are joining us at Mount Mercy, take the time to get involved in activities outside of the classroom so that you can really make the most of your time here."