Environmental Justice Minor

Mount Mercy University’s environmental justice minor features coursework based on scientific inquiry and a global view of history and cultural relations, making it a vital, emerging program for this modern age.

Mount Mercy helps passionate individuals like you learn to effectively convey ideas, organize movements and change the world. Our environmental justice program focuses on meeting human need where it exists. The minor combines care for the planet with attention to the most vulnerable populations affected by environmental problems: minorities, immigrants, the poor, and women and children around the world — each of which are components of the Sisters of Mercy critical concerns.

You’ll explore the world through applicable coursework including Introduction to International Relations, Globalization and Human Survival, Iowa Natural History, History of U.S. Environmentalism, and Diversity in America.

Environmental justice students make a difference! Justice for all people is at the core of Mount Mercy’s mission and calling. Students studying environmental justice are encouraged to take on projects aimed at improving lives. For example, one of our students wrote and received a grant to develop the Mount Mercy Bike Club, which offers bikes for students to borrow, hosts bike maintenance workshops and organizes bicycling expeditions around Iowa.

No matter what direction you take in your career, the skills and work ethic developed through this course of study will serve you well. Our students have found success pairing an environmental justice minor with majors in social work, business, political science, philosophy, biology, chemistry, communication or outdoor conservation, just to name a few.

What can I do with an environmental justice minor?

Graduates from our environmental justice program can look forward to working in a growing, in-demand field and positions such as:

  • Environmental Project Manager
  • Land Trust Manager
  • Public Administrator
  • Environmental Policy Analyst
  • Green Entrepreneur
  • Environmental Educator
  • Environmental Lawyer