Ellen Warrington | Professor of Education

Ellen Warrington, professor of education

Q&A with Ellen Warrington, professor of education.

MMU: I understand you presented at the MO International CHADD Conference, how did you become involved with this conference?

EW: I have been a member of the CHADD organization for most of my career here at MMU.  I have presented at many local and reginal conferences for them in the past.

MMU: Can you give a quick synopsis of your presentation? What were you hoping conference attendees would walk away with?

EW: My session was sharing ideas from universal design which would enhance and better the experience in the regular classroom for students with ADHD, as well as everyone.  I was hoping all educators and parents would walk away from the session with ideas to start a conversation or implement in their classrooms.

MMU: How did you become interested in the topic? Where does your passion for the subject come from?

EW: My passion is for all things special education as that has been my field and my life for 40 years!

MMU: How does your research or work outside of MMU inform what you teach in the classroom? In what ways do students benefit?

EW: My work is not outside of MMU.  I have always been an educator, so much of what I know has been based on my experience.  That experience has been further enriched from adults here.

MMU:  Was there an idea or bit of research you learned during the conference and found especially interesting? What did you walk away with?

EW:  There was a session on use of technology and its value for students with ADHD.  There was a wonderful speaker who is a coach, working with students after school to help organize and complete assignments.  She shared the issues of platforms that schools use in K-12 and answered many questions from parents and other educators.