Elementary Education Gaining Experience

Elementary Education Gaining Experience

There are several ways you will gain experience at Mount Mercy. You probably know about student teaching; you have probably had a student teacher – now it can be your turn.

Student teaching consists of supervised teaching, group and individual conferences, weekly seminars, attendance and participation in professional meetings, and involvement in other school activities. Application forms are made available during the spring term of your junior year. You are given the opportunity to state a preference of schools (public or private), grade and/or subjects. Student teaching is done only in state-approved public and private schools in the metropolitan area with certified teachers, in the fall term of your senior year. It is offered pass-fail for all students. For more information about the application and placement process, please see the current catalog.

The education leadership seminar focuses on topics of special importance to students culminating their undergraduate preparation and assuming leadership roles in classroom and school settings. Key topics include:

  • Classroom management techniques
  • Participating in professional meetings
  • Managing and supervising adults as well as students
  • Conducting parent conferences
  • Developing a professional portfolio
  • Interviewing and resume development
  • Understanding professional contracts and licensure
  • Ethics

The education leadership seminar is our capstone event for the teacher education program, and is one of the requirements for graduation. Mount Mercy students have had successful field experiences and internships in many of the surrounding school districts as well as Cedar Rapids Community Schools and the Metropolitan Catholic Schools. The education program has an excellent reputation for the scope and quality of its field-based component.  

To supplement your coursework and practical experience, Mount Mercy offers the Student-Iowa State Education Association (S-ISEA) club. Through grants and fellowships, the program is able to present such programs as "Getting Engaged with Science" (Tandy Corporation Grant) and the "TORCH American History Institute" (McLeodUSA Consumer Services and Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Fund).

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