Elementary Education Course Offerings

Entry to the elementary education program takes place by application, in your junior year. We have high entry standards because it is important to us (and to you) that area schools know that Mount Mercy graduates have what it takes. Yes, we have high standards, but we also provide all the tools you will need to monitor your progress. For more information on particular standards, please consult a current catalog.

Mount Mercy University awards a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education, with 54 credit hours required within the major to graduate.

You can also view course offerings and descriptions in the current university catalog (pdf), along with specific endorsements offered, and the requirements for each. Please keep in mind that these are only representative of current offerings for the academic year. Classes can be added or changed as needed.

** If you plan to teach in a state other than Iowa, you are responsible for planning a program to meet the requirements in that other state.