Educational Objectives

Educational Objectives

Mount Mercy University promotes reflective judgment, strategic communication, the common good and purposeful living through a core curriculum, liberal arts and professional majors and student development programs. We strive for excellence in accomplishing our mission through our four interdependent goals:

Using Reflective Judgement

  1. Students will demonstrate a knowledge of content, assumptions, terminology, and methodology of a broad range of academic disciplines needed for informed and meaningful participation in society, including literature, fine arts, history, mathematics, science, philosophy, religious studies and social sciences.
  2. Students will demonstrate a depth of understanding in their major field that successfully prepares them for graduate study or a career following graduation
  3. Students will evaluate their points of view by analyzing multiple perspectives. 
  4. Students will integrate knowledge across the disciplines.
  5. Students will apply creative, logical and scholarly processes in the pursuit of truth, to form reasoned judgments and explain the implications of drawing those conclusions. 

Strategic Communication

  1. Students will generate, collect, organize and present ideas and information in written, oral and visual modes for chosen purposes and audiences.
  2. Students will meet appropriate standards of quality when they communicate.
  3. Students will demonstrate respect and responsibility in communication with others.

Serving the Common Good

  1. Students will recognize the challenges and opportunities of living in a changing, complex, global society and demonstrate inclusivity and sensitivity to the diverse human conditions.
  2. Students will explain the significance of personal and social responsibility and be prepared to take action in modes of service, civic participation, advocacy, and system change.
  3. Students will articulate an ethical framework based on respect for all human beings and the natural environment.
  4. Students will examine the core values of social justice, particularly the Mercy commitment to advocate for persons who are vulnerable and marginalized.

Purposeful Living

  1. Students will discern and clarify their vocational choices.
  2. Students will recognize the services and support available to assist them and others in determining which commitments will guide their lives.
  3. Students will demonstrate the ways in which their abilities and knowledge enable them to be responsible leaders or participants.
  4. Students will acknowledge the importance of a healthy and balanced life including social, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  5. Students will recognize the importance of life-long learning. 
  6. Students will analyze the evolving nature of relationships in their lives, professions, and communities.

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