Diversity & Inclusion

As a Catholic and Mercy institution of higher education, we believe that all people are created in the image of a loving God, and because of that, all people have inherent dignity and worth.

All people deserve to be treated with equal and utmost respect. It is within this spirit of dignity, identity freedom, and in the spirit of compassion and care that we offer Diversity & Inclusion programming.

At Mount Mercy University we are celebrating our differences and striving to promote diversity on campus.

We value the acceptance of every person regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, faith, demographic, etc. Classes such as the Mercy Experiences classes contribute to diverse learning of cultures. Students also have access to a variety of cultural experiences through music, art exhibits, clubs and organizations, the Annual Multicultural Fair, visiting speakers, dancers, literary discussions, theater, "Country of the Month" food, giveaways and more! The multicultural affairs department is here to cater to and engage students in these activities and celebrations of differences. Where your differences are welcomed, embrace them and let's bring them to life!