DeVilbiss finds entertainment on impulse

Mika DeVilbiss smiles on the staircase in the Busse Library

Working with brains, jumping from planes and sustaining others through loving care are just some of the things Mikael, aka Mika, DeVilbiss is about.

DeVilbiss, a junior nursing major at Mount Mercy University, is involved in many areas of campus life.

“I am in Student Government Association (SGA). I am the senior class vice-president right now, and I am also helping with Circle K,” DeVilbiss said.

Over the summer, she completed an internship at the University of Iowa as a scrub tech. “I handed the surgeon’s tools. That’s kind of what I did all summer, 40 hours a week,” she said.

The program was for junior students who would be seniors in nursing programs at various 4-year colleges. There were many categories she could have chosen from but she decided upon surgery.

“They just told me that it was neuro (surgery) that I was going into. But I was pretty excited when I heard about it.”

“I touched a brain. Well, I had a glove on my hand. That is probably the craziest, or other craziest thing I did,” DeVilbiss said.

The scrub tech intern hails from northeast Iowa, a little town called Ossian with a population of some 900 people. DeVilbiss said she graduated with the biggest high school class since the 1960s, with 73 people in her class.

She said the reason she chose nursing as a major is very simple. “I like helping people. That’s about it.” During her sophomore year, DeVilbiss was a resident assistant. She describes the experience as very fulfilling because she got to know many of the new freshmen. In return they knew her name, as well.

“The best part was getting to know a bunch of people, and the worst part was 2 o’clock (a.m.) rounds,” she said.

During the school year, she takes up varied activities.

“I can’t say that I have any set hobbies. Sometimes things just kind of come into my head, and I’m like, ‘that would be fun.’”

One of her ideas became a program she devised and organized, a project called Blankets for Babies. When she was an RA, she had help from the freshmen on her floor. Together, they prepared fleece blankets and donated them to Mercy and St. Luke’s hospitals for, as DeVilbiss described them, “their little babies.”

Some of her ideas are more exciting than others; one is what she calls the most exciting thing she has ever done.

“I just decided the day before that I was going to go skydiving and I went skydiving,” she said

Through her experiences at Mount Mercy DeVilbiss summed up just what she likes about the campus.

“Mount Mercy is small enough that you can know everyone, and I love talking, so I like being able to know everyone, and stop and find out how they are actually doing.”

This Student Profile was written by Aaron Ostrenga, Staff Writer, and was originally published in the Mount Mercy Times in the September 22, 2010, issue.