Department of Psychology, Sociology, Social Work & International Studies

At Mount Mercy, you are equipped with more than an education - but with a firm sense of self, a passion for discovering the nuances of community and relationships, and a grounding in ethical leadership and critical thinking skills.

The majors within the Department of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work prepare you to be civic-minded and globally aware, equipping you with a solid foundation of transferrable skills wrapped in Mercy values.

International Studies Program | Major & Minor
An interdisciplinary program that combines courses in the social sciences, humanities, arts, and sciences - providing students with both a firm grounding in a discipline and the flexibility to permit exploration from alternative perspectives.

Psychology | Major & Minor
Psychology presents a scientific approach to the study of individual behavior and experience, giving you an empirical and theoretical understanding of the basic knowledge, concepts, and methods of psychology.

Social Work | Major & Minor
The social work major is designed to give students an understanding of human functioning in contemporary society, the challenges and problems people encounter, and the social servics available to them.

Sociology | Major & Minor
The sociology major addresses sociological issues pertaining to self, social groups, social and cultural values, family and community relations, economical and political relations, race, ethnic, gender, and class stratification, the city and the nature of social organizations.

Minors Only

Gender Studies

Sport, Health, and Exercise Psychology