Department of Philosophy and Religion

Mount Mercy students are critical thinkers, inquisitive learners, and dedicated to discovering the threads that are woven throughout history. 

The majors within the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies wrap students in a firm grounding of liberal arts learning with Mercy values and ethics-driven leadership. You learn to examine ideas critically and gain a deeper understanding of yourself--both spiritually and personally.

Applied Philosophy | Major & Minor
The philosophy major aims to provide educational experiences that will give students the opportunity to understand and to answer important questions of human existence. It aims to assist students in integrating personal experience with philosophical reflection about values and the meaning of life, among other areas of study.

Religious Studies | Major & Minor
Religious ideas and symbols contribute to many people a sense of purpose in life. These courses engage students in critical analysis of such ideas and symbols. While this study often brings students personal enrichment, the academic study of religion focuses especially on developing skills of critical thinking and clear communication.