Department of Natural and Applied Sciences

The majors within the Department of Natural and Applied Sciences provide students with practical training and the opportunity to put theory to work in labs, clubs and internships. Our small class-sizes allow students to explore ideas and connect with professors, forming the basis for life-long learning and future career opportunities. 

Biology  |  Major & Minor
The biology major aims to deepen students’ appreciation for the life sciences and to increase their concern for living things and the environment. 

Chemistry  |  Major & Minor 
Studying chemistry can be the ticket to getting a great job, an advanced degree or just a better understanding of the complex world in which we live.

Computer Science  |  Major & Minor
The computer science major prepares students to be professional computer programmers and to enter graduate school in computer science.

Exercise Science | Major
The exercise science major is a highly versatile major that spans accross the diciplines of physiology, psychology, nutrition, motor, and functional adaptations and responses to exercise, physical activity, and sport.

Mathematics  |  Major & Minor
The Mathematics program aims to give students insight into the nature of mathematics as an intellectual discipline and to develop the powers of clear and logical thinking, accuracy, flexibility in problem solving, and clarity and precision in expressing mathematical ideas.

Outdoor Conservation  |  Major & Minor 
The Outdoor Conservation major provides coursework for students who wish to pursue careers in parks, natural resources, conservation-based organizations, and other outdoor careers.

Science Marketing | Major
The science marketing major uniquely blends an interest in science with a business edge and prepares students for careers in sales.