As an English major at Mount Mercy University, you will develop the skills that employers most value – the skills of writing, researching, speaking, and thinking. Keep reading…

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The Mount Mercy English Double-Major or Minor: The Smartest Professional Decision You Will Ever Make

Interested in separating yourself from the pack and becoming the most attractive job candidate possible? The Mount Mercy English degree is one of the most effective ways to give yourself the competitive edge over your competitors on the job market, even if your desired profession has nothing to do with literature. Our flexible major and minors have enabled students to easily combine an English education with majors in numerous other fields, such as Art, Business, Criminal Justice, Drama, Education, History, Management, Nursing, and Psychology.

In fact, even if your desired career is separate from literature, the Mount Mercy English major or minor is vital to your success on the job market.  One of the best kept secrets in the professional world is that employers are desperately searching for employees with the skills our English  students learn every day: analytical, communication, critical thinking, persuasion, problem solving, and writing skills.  

These skills that employers are struggling to find in the specialists in their fields are second nature to our English majors and minors. Through everyday class discussions about literature, our students learn how to analyze and understand a topic from multiple perspectives, to construct an argument and defend a position against opposing ideas, and to communicate in an articulate and persuasive manner in both writing and face-to-face conversations with others. For this reason, at Mount Mercy, English is more than a literature degree: it is a competitive degree. If you combine our English major or minor with any of the numerous other majors offered by Mount Mercy, you get the best of both worlds. The education you gain in your chosen field will give you the specialized knowledge you need for the job you desire, but the skills you gain in English classes will give you the essential edge over the hundreds of people competing with you for that job who possess the same depth of knowledge in your field that you do.

The key to becoming a successful job candidate is to be able to separate yourself from the pack, to highlight the skills you possess that your competitors lack that will persuade employers to hire you, and pursuing a double-major or minor in English at Mount Mercy is the easiest and most practical way you can accomplish that.

Read what our alumni are saying about their double-majors in English:

“When I first came to Mount Mercy, I had no idea that I would one day be an English major, let alone a member of thePerceptions editorial staff. But after two and a half short years, I've formed great friendships with almost all of the English faculty, been published in The PAHA Review, read more books than I ever thought possible, and will work with one of my professors to formulate a paper for a presentation on James Joyce. The crazy thing about all that is the fact that I'm also a Criminal Justice major and involved with the Honors Program. If my story is any indication, it's certainly within anyone's ability to double major in English.”
— Daniel Morgan ‘12