Department of Education

Department of Education

Our teacher education program has an excellent reputation.

What makes teacher education at Mount Mercy so special is that we emphasize continuous, hands-on experience with students and teachers, beginning early in the program. You will gradually build your strengths in instructional planning, teaching strategies, and classroom management.

As part of the Teacher Education Program Elementary Education majors complete an average of 180 hours of classroom experience prior to student teaching, while Secondary Education students complete an average of 100 hours of classroom experience prior to students teaching.  This experience includes one semester in a Professional Development School model in which students receive their university instruction as well as their classroom experience in a local school district building.  This experience is blocked in a way that allows flexibility in timing for university course requirements as well as classroom experiences.  These experiences are firsthand applications of concepts and strategies taught in the university courses and are supervised by university faculty providing feedback for all students.

Supplementing our academic program, the Curriculum Center in Busse Library provides convenient access to many materials used by teachers (texts, adolescent literature, teaching resource books, etc.). The Department also sponsors a club, the S-ISEA (Iowa State Education Association) which is a great way for you, as an education major, to build experience.

Mount Mercy offers the following degrees:

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