Department of Communication, Literature & Arts

At Mount Mercy, your education does more than prepare you for a job. It lays the foundation for your career while challenging you to connect new ideas and patterns of thinking. The majors within the Department of Communication, Literature and Arts teach you to make your own decisions. Your studies will teach you more than facts: you'll learn to think independently and communicate your thoughts clearly. 

Majors and Minors

Art Education  | Fine Arts  |  Graphic Design
The art major prepares students to meet contemporary challenges in the field of fine arts, graphic design and art education. A highly professional course of instruction, featuring a variety of visual and aesthetic approaches, leads to the completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

Communication Studies
The field of communication focuses on how people communicate as individuals, in society, and in the workplace. The program at Mount Mercy is an outstanding interdisciplinary major that integrates classroom study with outside internships.

As an English major at Mount Mercy University, you will develop the skills that employers most value – the skills of writing, researching, speaking, and thinking.

Environmental Justice
The environmental justice minor prepares students to think critically about global environmental issues, to assess the impact of human activity on the natural environment, and to address issues of social injustice.

The journalism major will prepare students for a career in the news media or related professional writing fields. It can open the door to working in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and/or specialized media-oriented careers in politics, government or the corporate realm. 

Multimedia / Design
The multimedia/design major will prepare students for careers in the aesthetic aspects of organizations (graphic design, desktop publishing, video production, web page design, photography) as well as the design and production of corporate publications (magazines, newsletters and annual reports). 

Mount Mercy's music major provides a comprehensive music background that ensures you will be grounded in all areas of music. You will learn the fundamentals of music theory, progress to the study of advanced harmony, and investigate formal structures and conceptual techniques.

Public Relations 
Students who graduate with a public relations major may be employed in traditional public relations positions (media relations, employee relations, community relations, event planning, fund raising, corporate communications, etc.)

The Spanish minor offers a course sequence based on the Standards for Foreign Language Learning.  Students will be able to: Communicate effectively; understand Hispanic Cultures; Connect Spanish with other majors; make Comparisons of languages and cultures; and participate in a global Community of Spanish speakers.

As a speech/drama major at Mount Mercy, you will focus on the oral tradition in society and learn how rhetoric and dramatic performance reflect and influence the world. The curriculum is designed to give you competence in oral communication, as well as an appreciation of the arts and drama.