Department of Business

Department of Business

Mount Mercy's business programs provide you with the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to succeed in the competitive global economy.

We accomplish this through small classes taught in high-tech facilities. Full-time teaching faculty know and work with students on an individual basis. Internship opportunities through Mount Mercy's many business partnerships give students the advantage of acquiring real-world experience while attending classes full-time.

Majors and Minors

Accounting  |  Major & Minor
The accounting major prepares students for professional positions in all areas of accounting. The accounting major is designed to give you the knowledge and preparation for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and/or Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exams.

Applied Management  |  Major
The applied management major is designed for students transferring to Mount Mercy from a two-year institution who have a background in a technical specialty. The major provides the opportunity to broaden your knowledge of business environments and to understand and manage them successfully in a dynamic and changing environment. 

Business  |  Major
Available to students online.
The business major offers students the opportunity to integrate theoretical constructs with practical experience gained outside of the classroom. By design, the program prepares students for professional positions in the public or private sectors, or preparation for graduate study within the business discipline.

Business Administration  |  Minor Only
For Non-Business Majors
A student interested in minoring in business administration would take courses in law, technology and communication in business, management, marketing, and economics. 

Economics  |  Minor Only
The curriculum in the economics minor is designed to provide our students with an understanding of the US economics systems of production and distribution with an emphasis on the political and social context of economics.

Finance |  Major & Minor  
The finance major prepares you to work in commercial banking, financial planning, investment analysis, corporate financial analysis, and investment banking. This major gives you a well-rounded background in business and finance. 

Human Resource Management  |  Major & Minor
The ability to lead and understand an organization’s human resources is key to success in today’s knowledge-based economy. The human resource management major prepares you for professional positions in leadership and in careers in the human resources field.

Management  |  Major
The management major prepares you to lead in a competitive and dynamic business environment. Mount Mercy’s faculty focus on developing in students the skills necessary for effective and efficient leadership and management of profit and not-for-profit organizations. The major provides flexibility for students to double major 

Management Information Systems  |  Major & Minor
Interdisciplinary Program 
The management information systems (MIS) major is a joint offering between the Business and Computer Science programs. MIS prepares students for the field of managing information technology (IT) projects in the framework of the business environment. This multidisciplinary approach provides you with the background and experience in IT to solve business IT challenges and manage IT business projects. 

Marketing  |  Major
Core marketing courses focus on analytical, critical thinking, communication, and problem solving skills. You will develop the skills needed to make marketing decisions in a dynamic business environment. 

Student Organizations

Mount Mercy University offers you the opportunity to apply your skills in organizations outside the classroom. The Mount Mercy Enactus teams' student leaders volunteered more than 1,300 hours and empowered more than 2,900 people in the local area this year with the skills needed to succeed in our free enterprise system. Students blend their knowledge and hands-on classroom experience to teach a wide array of individuals ranging in age from kindergartners to the Sisters of Mercy. The Mount Mercy Enactus team has won regional championships for 13 years in a row.

Mount Mercy's Investment Club offers you the experience of selecting investments in a real-world setting. The club's activities include interaction with professionals from throughout the investment community, giving you the opportunity to construct a network of valuable business contacts. The club serves as yet another avenue from which you will enhance your classroom education with real and practical experience.

Richard Drager ’17

"I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, constantly dreaming of business ideas. Looking for a gap in the Cedar Rapids area, I focused on my degree so that I could learn the business fundamentals to someday open my dream career: Crisp Cedar Rapids.

I was able to graduate and quickly secure space for my restaurant at NewBo City Market. The market prides itself on being an incubator for small businesses.

Mount Mercy encouraged the entrepreneur spirit within me. On top of having amazing professors, they offer great courses that are applicable to the real world. I’m extremely proud to be a Mustang!"

Richard Drager ’17 | BBA Business


CoD Business '20