Criminal Justice Professional References

Professional References

Students who are considering applying for a job often need a character reference as part of a background investigation. Students who are applying to graduate or professional school typically need a letter of recommendation as part of their application. If a student requests one of the criminal justice faculty members to serve as a reference or to write letter of recommendation, he/she should first follow these steps:

1. Thoroughly read suggestions for requesting a professional reference.  
Although this web site details the steps to ask a professor for a letter of recommendation, these suggestions also apply to those students who only need the professor to serve as a reference on his/her behalf.  In addition to the tips provided on this site, you should ask the professor the following question:  "Are you willing to provide a positive reference on my behalf?"  Be prepared for an honest answer.

2. Complete the "FERPA - Waiver of Rights by the Student” form [docx] and return or scan/email the signed copy back to the professor from whom you are requesting a reference.  This signed waiver must be returned to the professor before he/she is able to serve as a reference or write a letter of recommendation.