Creative Writing Minor

Creative writing allows students to let loose their voices. Classes encourage experimentation, while providing guidance in the basics.

What does a heroic mouse named Crane Conrad have in common with a grieving widow or a lovelorn college student? All come to life in stories by Mount Mercy writers. Our Creative Writing minors hone their skills and their imagination both inside and outside the classroom. Students edit and contribute to The Paha Review, Mount Mercy’s creative writing and art magazine. They learn from the four visiting writers we host every year. They mentor the high school juniors who enter our annual Creative Writing Contest. And they gain skills and habits of thinking that enrich their lives and fuel their careers.

Course requirements for the Creative Writing minor.

Students who minor in creative writing take an American literature course, a British literature course, and three creative writing courses.

Creative Writing

  • Try out different voices and styles
  • Discover what you want to write about
  • Push the envelope
  • Scatter seeds: be ready for surprises

Intermediate Creative writing

  • Push the envelope further
  • Add layers
  • Give feedback to high school writers
  • Water generously: learn what you need to grow as a writer

Topics in Creative Writing

  • Concentrate on one genre: fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction
  • Hone your craft
  • Cultivate your style
  • Sink your roots: go deeper

What Our Students Say

"My creative writing class has brought me such great joy. It is the one class where I can write in my own unique style. In taking this class I discovered I had a knack for writing poetry. This has opened my eyes to the importance of self-expression."

Lauren Kramer '13, English and Secondary Education Major

"Creative writing courses let you express yourself while teaching you the different tools and ways to do so. There is never a dull moment during class time and it's a safe place to experiment with different writing styles."

— Casey Birkecht '13, English Major and Film Minor

"Taking a creative writing class at Mount Mercy has allowed me the opportunity to explore different venues of expression and grow exponentially as a writer."

— Kayla Happel '10, Nursing Major & Creative Writing Minor