What can you do with a Mount Mercy creative writing minor?

There's no limit to what you can achieve with a Mount Mercy degree. Our alumni find success in every professional sector imaginable — as doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, educators, business leaders, storytellers, artists and more. Here's what our alumni are saying:

"Mount Mercy's writing classes are practical and fun. They gave me my first experiences in peer editing, which proved incredibly useful. They also opened my eyes to the many career paths that writing can lead to. I credit my successful freelance writing career to those exciting, instructive writing classes. We honed our skills and, most importantly, we had fun. That's still at the heart of my work: a love of words and a pleasure in writing."

Christina Capecchi '04, Journalist and Author of the nationally-syndicated column Twenty Something

"Though I have been in the insurance industry for over two years following my graduation, my minor in creative writing has enabled me to remain a poet. I still carry a small notebook for the ideas found throughout the day and compose a poem whenever I get the time. Creative writing classes were the times we set down the books and found our own voices."

Jennifer Brace '07, Policy Associate, Aegon

"As a Design Consultant in Cedar Rapids, I use my creative writing minor everyday! I am constantly describing spaces, hues, and textures with colorful language to help people better understand and achieve their concept. When completing a Paint consultation, I write a letter to the individual recapping what we went over during my time in their home. I strive for a balance of professionalism as well as fun within my letters. The creative writing I was taught at Mt. Mercy helps maintain my personality within the letters, therefore bringing out the fun!" 

Leisha Stanek Stelken '06, Design Consultant, Klinger Paint 

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