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Mercy Creative Review is a publication of literature and artwork composed by faculty, staff, and alumni of Mount Mercy University.

Open for Submissions!

Submit your creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, essays, short stories, or orginial artwork by July 15 to

The magazine, published annually in the fall, is sponsored by the Mount Mercy English Program and Mount Mercy Art Program. Invitations to submit are extended in early June. Mercy Creative Review accepts submissions via email:

From the Editor:

I’ve learned that editing a literary magazine is a lot like riding a rollercoaster. The hills and loops look fun from afar but once I’m on the ride, it’s all screams, hands raised, while just trying to get through it.

The anticipation from the time the call for submissions goes out reminds me of standing in line, psyching myself up, before getting in the seat and buckling myself in. But all of a sudden, it’s my turn to ride and that long line flew by. I thought I had more time, but I don’t. Everyone is counting on me to tell them how great this rollercoaster is.

The first big hill is a lot of gathering submissions, getting everything in order. I make it over the first hill and the second seems even bigger. Things are getting real now, the cranking seems louder with all the emails telling submitters that their piece(s) have been accepted and—wait—that hill was smaller than the first.

The rollercoaster cranks up a little higher in the air as I’m waiting for the original authors to review their copy-edited changes. I have time to figure out who has sent in their biographical paragraphs and start putting together the contributors section. But, woah, now the original authors are sending their pieces back and that hill went faster than I thought too.

Now I’m at the top, with all my materials sorted out. All that’s left to do is raise my hands, scream and hold on tight with my feet so I don’t fall out. This is also very similar to inserting the pieces into the magazine layout…I thought one piece was four pages, but nope, turns out, it’s five. This messes up the page count, order and a myriad of other things. At this point on the ride, my eyes are watering, spit is flying and my cheeks are flopping in the speed of the coaster. I’m almost ready to fling myself over the side of this cart because nothing is seeming to go right.

The ride looked a lot more fun from the ground. But before I have time to hurl myself out on the last loop, I feel the brakes and see the covered tent with new passengers waiting. My hair finally catches up, circling around my face where I remove the tangled mess from my mouth. I remove my seatbelt faster than the ride even lasted. I jump out, speed-walking down the ramp, trying to get away from this fantastic beast.

I reflect on the ride and all the hills and twists and turns and upside down loop I don’t even remember and before I know it, I find myself standing in line, waiting for the next ride.All I can say is, thank goodness I love rollercoasters.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, 

Courtney Snodgrass '17
Marion, Iowa
Major: English
Minors: Creative Writing, Psychology

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