Course Schedules

One of the major advantages of Mount Mercy's accelerated program is that you can start taking classes whenever it is most convenient for you. Our classes are organized into sessions that start every five weeks so there is no need to wait until the next semester to get started. 

Want to start in August? You can. Would it be more convenient to start in February? You can. Is it easier for you to start in June or July? You can do that too. You can start taking classes at the beginning of any session. The start dates for the 2014-2015 academic year are listed below. Apply to the program today and start when it's convenient for you!

View a pdf of the course schedule with class listings for the 2014-15 academic year

Block Schedule

Block 1                  Aug 25-Oct 4, 2014
Block 1/2              Aug 25-Nov 8, 2014
Block 2                  Oct 6-Nov 8, 2014
Block 2/3              Oct 6-Dec 20, 2014
Block 3                  Nov 10-Dec 20, 2014
Block 4                  Jan 5-Feb 7, 2015
Block 5                  Feb 9-Mar 14, 2015
Block 5/6              Feb 9-Apr 25, 2015
Block 6                  Mar 16-Apr 25, 2015
Block 6/7              Mar 16-June 6, 2015
Block 7                  Apr 27-June 6, 2015
Block 8                  June 8-July 11, 2015
Block 8/9              June 8-Aug 15, 2015
Block 9                  July 13-Aug 15, 2015