Course Offerings

You can view specific course offerings and descriptions in the current catalog (PDF document). Pleasekeep in mind that these are representative of current offerings for the academic year. Classes can beadded or changed as needed.

LW 420 Internship: 1-6 semester hours
This is an academically oriented practical experience gained through supervised work assignmentswith various law firms and legal-related placements.The student will have the opportunity to contrasttheir studies in the minor with practice in the field.The internship is open to legal studies minors of junioror senior status and with the consent of the pre-law advisor.A student may enroll in and complete amaximum of six (6) semester hours, although this credit does not apply to the minor (but it does applytoward credits for graduation). Applications for summer and fall semesters must be submitted to programcoordinator by April 15th. Applications for winter and spring semesters must be submitted to thedepartment by October 15th.Prerequisites: at least one of BA 203, CJ 297 or PO 203; junior or senior ingood standing; completed and approved application; and consent of the pre-law advisor.

LW 450 Legal Research Seminar: 3 semester hours|
Students will refine legal and general research skills, producing a final paper and presentation thatexamines a legal issue related to their respective majors (or other approved topic).Prerequisites: PL 141;one of BA 203, CJ 297 or PO 203; and one of EN 210 or SD 365.