Computer Science Major Requirements and Areas of Specialization

The computer science major prepares students to be professional computer programmers and (with the proper area of specialization) to enter graduate school in Computer Science. Students will learn both the theory and practice of the profession, how to work in groups to complete large software projects and appropriate ethical standards. Computer science is a rapidly changing profession and the Mount Mercy computer science program endeavors to teach, model and demonstrate the most modern professional practice. Students with a computer science degree find excellent employment opportunities in almost all industries

MAJOR (52 semester hours): MA 150, CS 105, CS 106, CS 112 CS 190, CS 203, CS 235, CS 389, CS 435 plus one area of specialization.

AREA OF SPECIALIZATION (19-20 semester hours):
Area of specialization should consist of at least two CS elective courses and specialization courses in a discipline other than CS. The intent of the "Area of Specialization" is to allow students to create their own programs of study in Computer Science. Examples of possible programs of study are outlined below. However, potential students are encouraged to work with their advisors to create a personal area of specialization that meets their needs the best. The area of specialization must be declared by the end of the Spring term of your sophomore year (can be changed later).

Computational Science (22 semester hours): This specialization is intended for those considering graduate school in computer science. CS 302, MA 164, MA 165, MA 202, any CS 399.

Embedded Systems (24 semester hours): any CS 399, MA 164, PH 151, MA 210, CS 399

Information Security (24 semester hours): Individuals choosing information security are encouraged to complete a mathematics minor. CS 399: Cryptography, MA 164, MA 165, MA 214, CJ 297

Web Development (23 semester hours): CS 315, CS 388, BK 208, AR 120, AR 130, AR 330.

Software Development (23 semester hours): This is a more CS intensive version of MIS. CS 326, CS 388, BA 250, BN 204, BN 377, CS 399.

Software Engineering (24 semester hours): MA 164, MA 165, MA 210, PH151, PH152CS 399

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